Fall Into Fairy: Fairy Witchcraft On-Line Intensive

Fairy Witchcraft On-Line Intensive:
Taught by Morgan Daimler & Vyviane Armstrong
Hosted by Land Sea Sky Travel

This course is no longer live but can be ordered as individual class recordings, or as the entire series recorded, along with all supplementary materials and resources. 

Fairies, Other Crowd, The Gentry, The Good Folks. The subject of fairies in the Celtic cultures is a complex one. These semi-divine mysterious creatures are often seen in the lore walking alongside our Gods and ourselves, tempting us to their worlds and ways, but who are they? Join author Morgan Daimler on an eight-week course as we start to untangle the old lore and the native legends from Victorian fables to Pop Culture modern myths and misunderstandings.

Over this course, we wish to help you gain a solid grounding in the lore and legend of Fairy, with a good helping of academics too. We will also provide guidance on how to have safer interactions with them. Our course will be composed of lectures, lived experiences, hands-on experimental practices, making tools, and finally ending in a Samhain Storytelling party around the Aos Sidhe.

When I saw that this workshop would be happening, I pestered Vyviane for months for information. I’d been feeling called to work with the Good Folk, but I wanted to do it right. The workshop was originally a weekend event, but it changed to a weekly online session, which worked even better for me. Daimler is deeply entrenched in the lore and practice of engaging with the Otherworld. Stretching things out gave me time to sit and think and absorb each lesson. The other classmates were fantastic and Daimler’s lectures were exactly what I was looking for to start my journey.

– Shae R.

This course is perfect for:

  • Existing fans of Morgan Daimler’s four books on this subject: Fairies: A Celtic Guide To Celtic Fair Folk, Traveling The Fairy Path, Fairycraft, and Fairy Witchcraft, and who are looking for a deep dive and one-on-one teaching to refine their understanding.
  • Pagan and polytheists who are curious if working with the Othercrowd is for them.
  • Primal Witchcraft Practitioners looking to ground their practise in academics, deep wisdom, and old lore of the Othercrowd.
  • Solitary practitioners looking to build community around their fairy practices and beliefs.

Class Schedule

Class One
What Are Fairies? Understanding the Other Crowd in Context

Class Two
Trucking with Fairies: Fairy Etiquette and having safer interactions

Class Three
What is Fairy Witchcraft? Fairies and Witches

Class Four
Holy Days and Sacred Space: Rituals in Fairy Witchcraft

Class Five
What Do Fairies Eat? Guide to Offerings and Home Shrines & Altars

Class Six
Wild Witchcraft – rooting your practice in locality

Class Seven
The Fairy Courts, Queens, and Gods

Class Eight
What the Ballad Material Teaches Us

Class Nine 
Stories of the Fairy and Farewell Party

Included in the Course Recordings

This course consists of eight classes, plus a final Samhain Storytelling session.  The classes run an hour and a half each. 

Students will have access to a private Slack channel for class discussion, supplementary activities, additional reading, and other communications.

Some bonus materials will be provided for people to work on at home during the course:

  • Introducing yourself to the Good People
  • Guided Meditation to Meet Your Fairy Guide
  • Making Protective Charms
  • Making fairy witchcraft tools and a travel kit

Expectations of Students

Working directly with the OtherCrowd and any magic has an inherent danger to it. As such we recommend a solid grounding in the lore and some basic training in grounding, guides, and cleansing before going into the supplementary materials. Morgan and Vyviane can help you with that, and we highly recommend you stay in touch with the instructors if you run into any challenges.

This course and all Land, Sea, Sky Travel events are held in accordance to our hospitality statement.

Presenter Bios

Morgan Daimler has been a witch since the early 90’s and entangled with the Good People longer than that. Morgan has taught classes on the subject of fairies and Irish mythology across the United States, online, and internationally, beginning in 2000. This subject is both a passion to research as well as a lived experience for them. Morgan has written various articles and books on the subject, including the forthcoming New Fairies Dictionary.

Vyviane Armstrong will be handling the event logistics, helping lead online discussion, and teaching just a bit as needed.

Vyviane Armstrong has been event planning and arranging sacred site tours since 1999, with a special focus on Goddess and Sacred Site pilgrimages in North America, UK, and Ireland. She has worked with non-profits for over twenty years, assisting with their event planning, and cooking at events for groups. Vyviane is well trained in Otherworld journeying, group facilitation, and has a devoted Irish and Welsh Polytheism practice.

Costs & Payments

The cost of our recordings are set on a sliding scale to make it as accessible as possible. We have set the price to account for eight classes, hand-outs, and support from the instructors. We ask you pay $25-40 for individual classes, or $250 – $450 USD for the entire course.

Choose honestly where you think you fall in that scale. Please keep in mind that the profits of this go towards supporting two small businesses run by polytheists, and your support goes directly to us and our families. This is a full time job for both Morgan and Vyviane. The profits also help fund scholarships position for this class and other events. 

Read more about the power of a sliding scale.

If you would like a recording of our all-day Fairy Lore Shenanigans conference with five presentations and one storytelling session with Seo-Helrune, you may purchase it at this time for the reduced cost of $35 USD. This includes Morgan Daimler’s Origin of Fairy Class, Dr. Jenny Butler’s Fairy Lore and Landscape, Addy Street’s Mermaids and Monsters, Lorna Smithers presentations on Gwyn-Ap-Nudd King of Annwn, and Shane Broderick on Irish Folk Lore.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to write to vyviane@landseaskytravel.com or morgan@landseakytravel.com

To place your order please PayPal us your chosen amount to vyviane@landseaskytravel.com with a note or follow up email of which recordings you wish to purchase. Within two business days we will send you an email with a link to our Google Drive. You may than stream or download the classes at your convenience.

I’ve had a very difficult time writing this review. I find that I do not have sufficient language to express my appreciation and admiration for Morgan’s scholarly and magical achievements. Morgan’s brilliance shines within this course and certainly beyond into their writing and community service.

– T. McElwaine