Scholarship Application

In 2016 Morrigu’s Daughters and Land Sea Sky Travel held a very successful pilgrimage to Ireland, devoted to The Great Queen Morrigan. The pilgrimage, which toured sites that were significant for the Morrigan, had a deep impact on all its guides and guests. The trip was successful on many levels, and we would like to share this work with others who may not otherwise have a chance to get to Ireland in the near future. With this thought in mind, we are awarding one full scholarship to our upcoming Bealtaine: Kindling the Flame of Devotion, A Tour of Southwest Ireland, April 28th – May 6th. Scholarship includes free entry to the trip and airfare.


  • Applicants should have a minimum of two letters of recommendation written by community members. The social media community is acceptable. Letters of recommendation should be sent to They should include the author’s relationship to the applicant, as well as why the applicant is a good candidate for our trip. Please put the applicant’s prefered name (as it is listed on the scholarship application) into the subject line.
  • Applicant should not be able to afford this trip, or a similar trip to Ireland, in the next three years in their current financial state.
  • Applicants may live anywhere in the world, including Ireland.
  • Applications and referrals must be received no later than October 1, 2017. The scholarship will be awarded on October 15, 2017.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Airfare must be arranged three-to-six months beforehand through Land Sea Sky Travel, who will be purchasing the airfare for you. Even though the budget goes up to $1,000, we will ask you to pick a normal economy seat for the dates of our trip, which includes one carry on and one checked bag, of sizes determined by the airline we book on.
  • Attendee will be asked to pay for upgrades to flights or luggage overage.
  • Trip includes everything listed here. Please note: some of your meals are not covered under the trip cost. You must purchase your own travel insurance, or show that you are otherwise adequately covered by your existing health insurance and travel insurance policies. We can help you with recommendations. From the United States, decent travel insurance should cost you no more than $150 USD for our trip times. Travel insurance will need to be settled within a month of winning the trip.
  • To complete the scholarship process, the receiver of the scholarship will be asked to complete a full registration within a week of being awarded the scholarship. This will include an online registration form, and signing and mailing in a signed and dated waiver. The waiver and registration form can be found on the registration page.
  • Scholarship will be awarded by Stephanie Woodfield, Morgan Daimler, and Vyviane Armstrong.
  • Failure to complete the scholarship application, complete the registration process, or to be in touch about airfare, will result in the scholarship being canceled and awarded to another applicant.

Scholarship Application Form